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Purchasing flooring for a new house, or a remodel project can be very exciting, but it can create some anxiety for the homeowners purchasing the product.

We get a lot of questions about how to make sure you take down accurate measurements to ensure that you are purchasing the correct amount of square footage for your flooring project before the contractor arrives to install it. A nice square or rectangular room with no niches is pretty easy, just measure the length and width, multiple the two numbers and you have the square footage needed for that room. Of course, not all of your spaces will be that easy. What about closets, hallways, entry ways and other oddly shaped spaces?

Usually the best way to deal with these spaces is to square them off as best you can, round up to the nearest half foot, calculate the square footage for each space and add them all together. I have attached a diagram as an example that should help you with this.

The second question we get the most is " How much do I need to add to account for waste"? This depends greatly on the type of flooring you are purchasing, and whether you are installing it yourself for the first time or you are hiring a qualified installer to do the work. Generally speaking for vinyl plank flooring and regular laminate flooring, we recommend rounding up to the next full box and possibly adding one extra box, if the square footage needed is close to a full box (i.e. you need 6.9 boxes; you might want to purchase 8 boxes instead of just 7 to have some room for error). Unfinished or pre-finished hardwood generally requires a professional installer. If that is the type of flooring you are purchasing, you will want to follow the recommendations of the individual installing the floor for you.

Of course, we will be glad to work with you to calculate the square footage of your project before you make your purchase, if you just want to bring us your measurements.

I hope this has been helpful, and please let us know, if there is anything we can add to this that would make it easier to understand.

We are planning to add more posts for our most frequently asked questions, and welcome feedback on any topics that you think might be helpful.

Thanks for shopping with us at Simple Mans.

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