We have recently begun developing a new line of products that are either built and/or crafted by us, our employees or local vendors using materials available in the store or sourced locally.

While some of these items may vary somewhat from our normal product offerings, we enjoy working with our local partners and providing new and unique products to our customers. 

Check back from time to time as we continue to develop this new line, and please contact us with any questions.





We currently have two styles of barn doors that we are building in the store.  The doors measure 36-1/2" W x 84" H, and sell for $150 each.  These doors are built in our store by our employees using materials available in the store.  We also stock the barn door kits to hang the doors for $99.99 each, and handles for the doors for 19.99 each.



Sourced locally, these tongue and groove boards are great for lining closets or porch ceilings, and would make beautiful wainscotting for a special, unique look.

This is a special order item, so please measure carefully before placing your order, and plan ahead as it will take approx. 2-4 weeks to prepare your order based on the availability of the raw materials.

Each board is 5" wide x 8' long with a total sq ft per board of 3.33.  The price per sq ft is $2.59 for a total of $8.62 per board.



Sourced locally, these boards make great flower boxes, plank fencing, decks, closets and even wood flooring.

We stock the following two sizes:  1" x 6" x 8' for $8.49 each, and 2" x 6" x 8' for $17.99 each.  These are true sizes and you will get the full 8' length.



This is a live edge walnut table that has been designed to be used as a free-standing bar table, sofa table, entry table or sideboard.  The top has been sanded to 800 very fine grit, and has at least nine coats of poly finish applied to protect and showcase the beautiful grain in this piece.  No stain has been used on the table, so the colors you see are the natural colors of the walnut.  The bottom of the table has been sanded and finished with two coats of poly, so that it is not rough to the touch and will not snag clothes or other items.  

This slab came to us directly from a local sawmill after it was kiln dried, and has been carefully crafted to maintain the character of the wood for the best possible result.  We have repaired the few cracks in the slab, and preserved the more interesting worm holes and trails to further enhance the beauty of the piece. 

The table top measures 63" long x 2" thick with the width varying from 17-1/4" to 21-1/2" as measured from the top.  The bottom of the table is slightly wider as the live edge slopes downward from the top.  Both sides of the table have a live edge, and one is just as beautiful as the other.  They are very similar, but unique.  The table has been fitted with 34" hairpin sturdy metal legs to allow enough room to use barstools for seating, if desired.  The table measures 36" from the top of the table to the floor.

This table including the hairpin legs is priced at $1,100.  Props not included.



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